The Fine Line Project was set up in early 2012 by a group of marketing, design, arts and music geeks to provide an online space to support fundraising and awareness for mental health charities.

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Why The Fine Line Project?  Because we all tread that fine line between feeling great and not so great. It could be as simple as being tired, off colour or having overindulged. Most of us understand those feelings, but what if they’re enough to send you over the edge? Or what if you or someone you know has been diagnosed with something really serious? We’re not a charity and we don’t provide advice, but we will be posting up links to what’s available out there, in terms of support and creative projects, the latter being our main focus – see our Links page.

Why mental health? Because it’s a difficult area and there’s still stigma attached to having mental health issues, even though 1 in 4 globally experience such problems at some point in their life; because it affects so many people from a bout of depression to conditions such as bi-polar and schizophrenia; because promoting fundraising events which support mental health is not as easy or engaging as, say, raising money for children or animals. And because the current recession means more stress, more pressure on services and less support available.

Why creative arts? Because artists and creative people in general, including many scientists, are often in tune with that fine line feeling, aware of the impact of life’s highs and lows and in a better position to express them in a language that reaches out to others. Just think of music, song lyrics, poetry, painting, drama and how they can touch the soul.

And finally because it’s about having fun and being creative, our main raison d’etre is to organise fantastic events, broadcast great projects and celebrate the astounding wealth of creativity that’s out there, using every opportunity we can to highlight mental health issues and raise money for the amazing charities working on the front line.

What about the money? The Fine Line Project team all donate their time, expertise and resources to the project. Events are run on a zero cost basis wherever possible with venues also donating their space and staff costs to the cause. Where expenses are inevitable they are met by the volunteers, sponsors or businesses – for instance all our print to date has been donated by a couple of heroic print companies. We are particularly grateful to our artists who often travel miles to support us and then donate their talent – without them there would be no events. We’d also like to thank our anonymous sponsors thanks to whom we’ve managed to hand over every single penny raised to date (December 2013) to the charities we’ve fundraised for.

MUSIC: here’s to the great Artists & Bands who’ve supported us – please support them!

Black River Wild – Blake Robson, Kester Hynds, Neil Marsh

BluesClub – William Topley, Guy Fletcher, John Illsley, Robbie McIntosh, Danny Cummings, Peter Hope-Evans

Charlotte Campbell

Dan Beaulaurier

DJ Rogue State

Leslie Mendelson

Matthew Neel – Matthew Neel, Luke Brighty, Ricky Barber, Jimmy Shoo

Max Fletcher

Mog Stanley

Noah Francis – Noah Francis, Pandit Dinesh, John Robertson, Paddy Milner, Peter Hope-Evans, Nihan Redford

Where’s Strutter? – Patrick Neville, Lee Broadbent, Dan Green, Josh Leach

Yolanda Charles’ The Deep Mo – Yolanda Charles, John Robertson, Mike Winawer, Rickardo Reid, Jack Pollitt

Events to date: Troubadour Club London 9 June 2012 for Mind Charity, Troubadour Club London 24 November 2012 for Rethink Charity, Cellar Southampton 8 June 2013 for Rethink Charity.

ART: buy Jennifer Copley-May fine art print Tao and support Sane Charity.

Want to sponsor us, make a donation to a charity or get involved? Contact us

Armadillo Central logoThe Fine Line Project has been supported since its inception by Armadillo Central and a whole team of armadillo helpers.


Our graphics are thanks to designer, photographer and musician Patrick Barthès.

COPYRIGHT NOTICE: If you’d like to use images from this site please respect watermarks and make sure that our photographers and The Fine Line Project are credited. Links back are always welcome – it’s all for charity. Please contact us about high res files.

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