Mind Out for Mental Health

As times get harder the challenges facing those with mental health issues become ever more complex – climate crisis, cost of living crisis, not to mention the rest… Take time to take care of each other, kindness is key, every day and don’t forget to be kind to yourself.

The winds of change are upon us once again. Just remember, what goes down will surely rise again. Stay strong, stay together.

Embracing resilience and as autumn turns to winter we’re focusing on celebrating our latest donation – accounts tallied at last, our C19 masks campaign raised a total of £250 and a cheque has now been delivered to Richmond Mind. With many thanks to Reale Camicerea in Richmond, Surrey without whom this campaign would not have been possible. Their wonderful team created the most beautiful high quality masks in a whole rainbow of colours and assorted designs – grazie mille!

Biggest thanks also to all of you who ordered or purchased The Fine Line Project branded masks, which featured an armadillo design donated by talented artist and printmaker Jennifer Copley-May.

Hopefully we won’t be needing masks again, although many of you are still using them, but if we do, get in touch and we shall create more.

Wishing you well from The Fine Line Project Team.

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