Creativity and Mental Health: New Research

The latest research relating to connections between mental health and creativity has just been referenced on the BBC News site. We’d thought we’d republish a link here.

After a quick straw poll around the office and friends we’re all agreed that everyone has some creativity in them and as mentioned in our About section, we all tread a fine line between wellness and dis-ease, whether we consider ourselves creative or not.

Here’s a link to the BBC news story: Creativity ‘closely entwined with mental illness’ by Michelle Roberts

What do you think?

Since writing this piece we came across the following blog post by Howard Robinson on ‘The Unofficial Blog for Brit Writers and Writers Everywhere!’  It refers to the same research as the BBC and adds some interesting comment to the whole question, from a writer’s perspective. With thanks to Brit Writers and Howard Robinson.

Here’s the link: http:  You don’t have to be mad to be a writer, but maybe it helps!  by Howard Robinson

2 thoughts on “Creativity and Mental Health: New Research

  1. My firm belief, based on personal experience is that being creative can not only be a product of mental seeking and questioning (and even turmoil), as this after all, is the basis of creative thought, but actually help to stave off a serious “breakdown” if given opportunities for expression. It is very important to note that Creativity is not confined to those of artistic (in its widest sense) bent but to those with creative scientific (again using it in its widest sense) ideas as well.

    • Thanks for these comments Zem. You are so right – creativity works in many different and very individual ways and can be a real life line too. We hope to explore this subject in much more depth later. Do get in touch again if you feel tempted to guest-blog for us and that goes for anyone else reading this.

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