Flower Power – Nature & Art in the Psychiatric Ward

A thought provoking article by Amelia Rachel Hokule’a Borofsky, Psy.D., a community and clinical psychologist based in Hawaii. She teaches at Hawaii Pacific University and writes about health across different cultures. This piece also highlights a ground-breaking (quite literally, in a manner of speaking) art exhibit entitled Bloom, commissioned to commemorate the closure of the Massachusetts Mental Health Center, a former psychiatric training centre and hospital which commissioned Anna Schuleit to create a fragile yet immensely powerful art installation in the emptied space.

Read more here with thanks to The Atlantic, Amelia Rachel Hokule’a Borofsky and Anna Schuleit:




Red Regina Mums in the hallway that was the last one to close–it used to be one of the busiest homeless shelters in Boston. (Anna Schuleit)

Find out more about Anna Schuleit’s work here on her blog: http://www.anna-schuleit.com/


One thought on “Flower Power – Nature & Art in the Psychiatric Ward

  1. Deeply moving pictures of the flower filled rooms. Deeply depressing pictures of the flower filled rooms. How can “they” not understand ?

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