A Grand Night for Mind

We’ve now completed the accounts and are delighted to announce that together with event sponsorship from Make Life Easy and a very generous anonymous donor, we’ve raised a total of £1000 for Mind’s Richmond Branch. Pretty good for our first ever event!

We couldn’t have achieved this without our seamless team (Angelica, Grace, James and last minute help from Elle and Joanna). Also Patrick for all the great graphics, including our logo, and Stephanie, Debbie and Jane for extra social networking support. In the wings Sue, Jenny, Andy, Gerry and Darren. And Simon W, who’s got a little surprise up his sleeve for the music lovers – watch this space for news in a few weeks time or join our mailing list/like our Facebook page to be kept in the loop – it will be worth it.

Once again, thank you to the legendary Troubadour Club in London, especially Simon T for the venue and brilliant support from their highly professional team (John, Alice, Vaskan, Rita, Frank, Arren and Gabor plus everyone else who helped us out on the night).

Biggest thanks go to our fantastically talented artists, name checked in our last post. The music throughout was mind-blowingly brilliant! Feel free to add comments here or on our Facebook page – we’d love to hear what you all thought.

Event pictures have been streaming in and will be uploaded shortly. Big thanks for those to Patrick, who covered just about every angle and Martina, who kindly supplied some great extra shots. Next time we’ll improve on the lighting – they had a pretty challenging job. So did a couple of the bands, squeezing onto the Troubadour’s stage!

This didn’t stop it being an epic night for live music and a great success for our first fundraiser.

Last but by no means least thank you to everyone who bought tickets – what a great crowd! Hope to see you all at the next one…;

Signed The Fine Line Project gig posters