Crowd Funding Campaign: Music Supporting Mental Health Awareness

Today’s the big day! Ralph’s Life has launched a 6 week crowd funding campaign to produce a charity CD featuring 40 brilliant tracks by (mainly) Indie artistes. We know they’re all brilliant because we did a mega micro-review session on Twitter covering every single number during a special show courtesy of the fantastic Radio Kaos Caribou a few days ago.

Wullae Wright, one of the talented contributors to the double album has created some stunning artwork featuring all the artistes’ names and the one and only Ralph, of course. Plans are afoot (apaw?) to get some prints made.

Wullae Wright for #RalFLP

The support for this great music project has so far been phenomenal and now’s the time to turn up the volume by sharing the story with as many people as you can. We want to raise as much awareness and money as possible. Every penny raised will go to charity Rethink Mental Illness – although they’re UK based their reach is global. Rethink also run ground-breaking campaigns like Time To Change with Mind Charity making a direct impact on how mental illness is viewed, discussed and managed at every level. It really is Time To Talk about mental health – this should be in the same breath as physical health – the two go hand in hand after all.

A couple of other artists are donating proceeds from their latest track sales over the next 6 weeks. Check this epic number by Graham Marshall whose track will feature on the double CD and this beautiful song by his friend Jane Allison.

To listen to some of the tracks on Ralph’s Life double album check out The Fine Line Project on Soundcloud.

The most crucial link of all, here is Ralph’s Life’s Charity Music CD’s Crowdfunding page – please make a pledge today (from as little as £1) and ask all your friends, family and work colleagues to get involved with this important cause. Mental health issues affect 1 in 4 worldwide – none of us can afford to be complacent. Let’s all help to bring about some change today.

We thank you in advance for spreading the good word and the great music!

Troubadour Encore – some more pics for your delectation

Photographer Patrick Barthes has just resurfaced with some more shots from The Fine Line Project Mind Benefit at The Troubadour.

And we’ve had some more donations in. Cheque presentation story coming up soon, in the meantime, hope you enjoy these…




Live at The Troubadour Club, June 2012 forThe Fine Line Project Mind Benefit.

If you’re using any of these pictures for publication elsewhere on the web, please respect copyright conventions and be sure to credit both the photographer and The Fine Line Project. If you want prints, please get in touch with us. Thank you! It’s all for a good cause.

A Grand Night for Mind

We’ve now completed the accounts and are delighted to announce that together with event sponsorship from Make Life Easy and a very generous anonymous donor, we’ve raised a total of £1000 for Mind’s Richmond Branch. Pretty good for our first ever event!

We couldn’t have achieved this without our seamless team (Angelica, Grace, James and last minute help from Elle and Joanna). Also Patrick for all the great graphics, including our logo, and Stephanie, Debbie and Jane for extra social networking support. In the wings Sue, Jenny, Andy, Gerry and Darren. And Simon W, who’s got a little surprise up his sleeve for the music lovers – watch this space for news in a few weeks time or join our mailing list/like our Facebook page to be kept in the loop – it will be worth it.

Once again, thank you to the legendary Troubadour Club in London, especially Simon T for the venue and brilliant support from their highly professional team (John, Alice, Vaskan, Rita, Frank, Arren and Gabor plus everyone else who helped us out on the night).

Biggest thanks go to our fantastically talented artists, name checked in our last post. The music throughout was mind-blowingly brilliant! Feel free to add comments here or on our Facebook page – we’d love to hear what you all thought.

Event pictures have been streaming in and will be uploaded shortly. Big thanks for those to Patrick, who covered just about every angle and Martina, who kindly supplied some great extra shots. Next time we’ll improve on the lighting – they had a pretty challenging job. So did a couple of the bands, squeezing onto the Troubadour’s stage!

This didn’t stop it being an epic night for live music and a great success for our first fundraiser.

Last but by no means least thank you to everyone who bought tickets – what a great crowd! Hope to see you all at the next one…;

Signed The Fine Line Project gig posters

Music Benefit for Mind

Announcing our very first fundraiser! With big thanks to the legendary Troubadour Club in London’s Earls Court, we’re organising a night of supremely great music to benefit Mind’s Richmond, Surrey branch. We’re still finalising the line up but bands so far include BluesClub and Yolanda Charles’ The Deep Mo. Here’s our as yet incomplete flyer. Watch this space for more news very soon, follow our Facebook page or join the mailing list thefinelineproject * (replace * with @ to send us an email) and we’ll keep you posted. More about the bands to follow.

The Fine Line Project Music Benefit for Mind